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Eon Sanitizing Mist

Eon sanitizing Mist 2 fl oz is an outstanding solution for a person who wants to reduce the amount of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants in their washing machine water, the Mist technology eliminates 99. Of bacteria while the ultraviolet light eliminates all viruses for a clean water appearance.

Sanitizing Mist

Eon is an unique personal size disinfectant that uses 5 Eon technologies to protect against food, water and air, this Mist will clean your area with ease and keep your home hunting its best. The Eon sanitizer is a powerful solution for preventing bacteria and viruses in medications and other high- concentration products, it eliminates 99. Of bacteria and viruses in just 120 seconds, the Eon sanitizing Mist 2 fl oz eliminates 99. 9 of bacteria viruses and viruses, lot of 4 Eon sanitizing Mist will keep your home clean, scouring clean and smelling like a cucumber! If you have an allergies or order eon, please consider using a different brand or type of sanitizer.