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Haan Floor Sanitizer

The Haan steam cleaning Floor Sanitizer is excellent for use in your Haan Floor salon, it contains a variety of steam cleaning solutions to keep your salon clean and organized. The mop cleaner handle and pads make it facile to clean your floor, the Sanitizer also helps keep your Floor wanting good and clean.

How To Use Haan Floor Sanitizer

To use the Haan Floor sanitizer, first put on the steamer pads, then put on the manual euc sanitizer. The Haan Floor Sanitizer will help keep your Floor clean and free of dirt, dust and other pollutants, the Haan steam cleaning Floor Sanitizer is first-rate for steam cleaning floors. It helps to keep your hands clean and free of germs, the steam mop and pads make it uncomplicated to mop on and clean. The Haan steam cleaning Floor Sanitizer will keep your home clean and organized, this Haan sanitizing tray with handle is practical for use with steam cleaning floors. It imparts a sanitize handle that makes it straightforward to operate and keep your Floor clean, the sanitizing tray provides a clear top that makes it basic to see what you're using it for. The tray together arms and legs that are body-friendly, this Haan Floor Sanitizer is first-rate for use on the floor. It is working sensational and is in peerless condition.