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Primo Self Sanitizing Water Dispenser

The Primo Self sanitizing Water Dispenser is top-grade for self-cleaning medical users, this Water Dispenser with bottom loading hot cold room temperature peerless for bottom loaders who covet to sanitize their Water automatically. The led nightlight and night time function makes it straightforward to find at night, the bottom loading device makes sure there's no overflow, and the night light helps you find it easy.

Primo Deluxe Self-sanitizing Water Dispenser Bottom Loading

This Water Dispenser is first-rate for your self-storage house or home, it is bottom loading and comes with a nightlight and light. It is a splendid addition to keep your self-storage house watery and cold, the led nightlight helps keep you safe during the night. This deluxe Self sanitizing Water Dispenser is top-rated for bottom loading, it comes with two bottom and is bottom loading friendly. It bottom the entire Water system without needing to operate the Water machine, this Dispenser as well cold weather friendly, with a cold Water sensor to keep you cool in hot weather. This top loading Self sanitizing Water Dispenser is first-rate for bottom loading washing machines and lower level laundry rooms, it features a bottom side that is self-sanitizing and comes with a cold side too. This Dispenser extends two bottom loading spray armatures so you can choose your Water pressure and cold cycle speed, the Dispenser is fabricated of galvanized steel for extra durability and a bottom that effortless to clean. The Primo Self sanitizing Water Dispenser is an excellent substitute to keep your Water clean and bright on the go, this Dispenser renders bottom loading technology so you can always have a few cups of Water on hand. The nightlight is a top-of-the-line addition to help by people who are searching to be safe stay up to date on what's going on in the Self sanitizing Water dispenser.