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Tzumi Sanitizer Wand

Looking for a portable Sanitizer Wand that will help keep your phone clean and fresh? Look no more than the Tzumi Sanitizer wand! This using usb power to create a gerbera Sanitizer Wand that is moreover an excellent access to for your phone, with its usb powered technology, this Sanitizer Wand will keep your phone clean and fresh, making it splendid for taking to class or workplace.

Tzumi Ion Uv Sanitizer Wand Review

The Tzumi ion uv Sanitizer Wand is a first-class phone sanitizing Wand that can be used for both phone and tree applications, the Wand is fabricated of durable materials that will never suffer from road salt build-up and will also remove any and all bacteria and bacteria symbols from your phone without need to adopt any harsh chemicals. This Wand is conjointly adjustable to tailor different types of phones, making it a valuable fit for any user, the Tzumi Sanitizer Wand is excellent for your phone. It is small and thin, so it's straightforward to keep on hand, the Wand includes a phone-safe guard and drop-off. It works with latest ios and android apps, this Sanitizer is for the phone and charger. It is produced to keep your hands free to operate your phone or charger, it is manufactured of durable plastic and provides a green anodized aluminum design. It is basic to operate and works with your phone or charger to keep your phone or charger clean, this sanitizing Wand is fantastic for use on your phone, pantry, or home it is manufactured of plastic and extends a hot wire attachment for basic connection to other power supplies. It is also to for use on your kitchen stove.